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In the heart of Lyon, the Bullukian Foundation has unveiled a unique and monumental art project that brings to light the fascinating Armenian cultural heritage. Created by renowned artist Pascal Convert, this endeavor features intricate reproductions of Armenian khatchkars, which are ancient stone crosses embellishing the facade of the foundation building.

The Enigmatic World of Khatchkars

Khatchkars, or cross-stones, are indigenous to Armenian culture and have been used as commemorative steles for centuries. These ornately carved stones often display complex intertwinings of vegetal and geometric motifs grounded in ancient Greek design – a testament to the deep-rooted connections between various Mediterranean civilizations.

  • Kahcthkars serve as historical markers and artistic symbols celebrating significant events in Armenian history.
  • The intricate carvings on kahctchkars showcase a fusion of religious imagery, natural elements, and abstract geometrical patterns.
  • Recognized as valuable cultural artifacts, kahctchkars are a vital part of Armenia’s rich architectural and artistic legacy.

A Tribute to a Vanishing Heritage

Pascal Convert’s installation at the Bullukian Foundation aims to preserve the memory and significance of Armenian khatchkars, which nowadays are under threat due to cultural erasures and various socio-political factors. By photographing khatchkars located at a UNESCO World Heritage site monastery in Armenia, Convert has managed to recreate these precious relics and immortalize them in print form, thus ensuring their legacy lives on.

Transforming the Urban Landscape with Ancient Aesthetics

Convert’s work doesn’t just pay homage to Armenian culture, but it also adds a new dimension to Lyon’s urban fabric. By mounting these photographs of delicate stone carvings onto construction tarps that cover the Bullukian Foundation facade, the artist has created an eye-catching visual juxtaposition, blending ancient aesthetics with modern materials and techniques.

A Nod to Armenia’s Spiritual Traditions

The location of this installation plays a crucial role in conveying the essence of khatchkars’ original context. The courtyard, with its juxtaposition of light and shadows, mimics the atmosphere found within Armenian churches or monasteries – sacred spaces where khatchkars hold great spiritual significance. This ingenious choice of venue renders Convert’s art project not only visually striking but also spiritually resonant for the viewers who experience it firsthand.

  • Pascal Convert’s innovative use of materials and locations emphasizes both historical continuity and cultural transmission.
  • The integration of traditional Armenian motifs into the contemporary urban landscape highlights the enduring relevance of artistic forms honed over centuries.
  • The project invites viewers to appreciate the rich legacy of Armenian culture while also drawing attention to its precarious present-day status.

An Art Project That Engages and Educates

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Pascal Convert’s installation at the Bullukian Foundation also serves as a powerful educational tool. The foundation is well-known for its commitment to promoting art and culture through exhibitions, conferences, and educational initiatives. With the presentation of Convert’s groundbreaking work on khatchkars, the organization invites the audience to engage with the narratives and meanings embedded in these cross-stones while fostering awareness about their endangered state.

A Unique Opportunity to Experience Armenian History in France

This unparalleled art project not only offers viewers glimpses into Armenia’s fascinating cultural heritage but also presents an extraordinary opportunity for the French public to experience a vital aspect of Armenian history and spirituality without leaving their own country. By showcasing these reproductions of ancient khatchkars in Lyon, Pascal Convert highlights the universality of artistic expression and the need for all communities to preserve and cherish their unique heritage.

A Timeless Reminder of Human Connectedness

Pascal Convert’s impressive installation at the Bullukian Foundation in Lyon underscores how art transcends geographical boundaries and historical epochs to bring people together around shared concerns and values. By making Armenian khatchkars accessible and engaging to a global audience, this innovative exhibition reminds us that human creativity and resilience are universal treasures worth celebrating – especially in times of adversity and uncertainty.


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