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In the competitive world of animation, it is no easy feat for a relatively small studio to make a mark. Nevertheless, Montpellier-based animation studio Les Fées Spéciales has managed to do just that. The company has been involved in the production of Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal’s latest docufiction film, They Shot the Piano Player, which has received a nomination at the prestigious Goya Awards.

A Unique Film Combining Documentary, Animation, and Mystery

They Shot the Piano Player stands out as a unique fusion of documentary, animation, and mystery elements as it explores the story of Tenorio Junior, a gifted Brazilian pianist who vanished without a trace during the 1970s golden age of bossa nova. The film intersperses real-life interviews and animated sequences, creating a thought-provoking and visually captivating experience for viewers.

Les Fées Spéciales’ Role in Bringing the Story to Life

The team at Les Fées Spéciales exhibited their expertise in animation by working on crucial aspects of the movie production. Their main task was compositing the different layers created by other partner studios involved in designing the characters and settings for the film. In addition to this, they were responsible for adding ambiance through various lighting techniques. This skillful approach to design breathed life into the otherwise static sets and helped weave a seamless narrative.

“We take work from different teams and add shining windows, shooting stars. This is what brings life to set design and makes it less static,” said Flavio Perez, Technical Director at Les Fées Spéciales.

An Accomplished Director’s Second Foray into Animation

Fernando Trueba, a seasoned filmmaker and prominent figure in Spanish cinema, has already won an Academy Award for his 1992 movie La Belle Époque and multiple Goya Awards. They Shot the Piano Player is his second animated film project after Chico & Rita. The director’s high regard for innovation and exploration is abundantly evident as he ventures into new territory with this engaging film.

A Continued Partnership with Les Fées Spéciales

  • The partnership between the renowned director and Les Fées Spéciales does not stop at They Shot the Piano Player. In recent years, the animation studio has also worked on several other significant projects:
    • Resisting Francoism in La Belle Époque: This award-winning film tells a story of love, deception, and political turmoil during the twilight years of Francoist Spain.
    • Tackling diversity and feminism in Dilili à Paris: This touching animated feature revolves around a young Kanak girl called Dilili and her adventures in early 20th-century Paris, where she encounters numerous celebrated personalities from that era.
    • Highlighting atrocities committed by South American military juntas: As Trueba and Mariscal explore dark chapters in history, Les Fées Spéciales continues to lend its expertise to compelling stories that enrich audiences worldwide.

This track record demonstrates the Montpellier-based team’s commitment to creating meaningful narratives that push the boundaries of traditional animation.

A Small Studio Making Waves in the Industry

Les Fées Spéciales’ involvement in such high-profile projects proves that even a small animation studio can make a significant impact on the industry. The studio’s ability to create visually arresting imagery and elevate ordinary set designs has clearly caught the attention of filmmakers like Fernando Trueba. As the spotlight falls on Les Fées Spéciales, this little-known company has the opportunity to inspire others by showing that dedication, skill, and a passion for storytelling can open doors in a highly competitive arena.

Looking Ahead: A New Era for Animation

As animation continues to evolve and take on new dimensions in film, television, and other media, there is much potential for smaller studios like Les Fées Spéciales to make their mark. With their recent successes and dedication to crafting meaningful narratives, they are well-positioned to carve out a niche for themselves in the global animation landscape.


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