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Judith Godrèche Calls for Action

French actress Judith Godrèche has called for a parliamentary inquiry into labor rights within the film industry, highlighting the need for better protection for children on set. Following her hearing at the National Assembly by members of the delegation for children’s rights on March 14, 2024, the president of the delegation, Perrine Goulet, assured that they would continue fighting for this cause alongside the women’s rights delegation.

The Need for Accountability and Supervision

These are similar systems as those in education, medicine, publishing, sports…for which you have ordered an inquiry commission.

In requesting the creation of a parliamentary commission, Godrèche emphasized the importance of investigating the risks to women and children involved in filmmaking. Similar inquiries have been launched in fields such as education, medicine, publishing, and sports, thus indicating a growing recognition of the need for accountability and supervision in various sectors.

Proposals for Improved Safety Measures

Godrèche proposed several measures to help ensure the safety and well-being of child actors on set. One suggestion includes appointing an independent harassment contact person for all productions involving minors. This individual would not be under the production team’s responsibility and would serve as a neutral party for addressing concerns related to harassment or abuse.

Another proposal seeks to mandate the presence of a third party in rooms where casting directors are located, providing additional oversight during the audition process. Displaying a strong commitment to safeguarding young actors’ welfare, these potential solutions aim to create safer environments for children in the film industry.

  • Appointment of an independent harassment contact person for productions involving minors
  • Mandatory presence of a third party during auditions with casting directors

A Personal Connection to the Cause

Godrèche’s passionate advocacy stemmed from her personal experiences, having filed complaints against two film directors, Jacques Doillon and Benoît Jacquot, earlier this month. The allegations involved sexual and physical violence dating back to her teenage years, shedding light on the potential dangers children face while working in entertainment.

Continued Fight for Child Protection

In response to Godrèche’s hearing, Perrine Goulet confirmed their commitment to continuing the fight for children’s rights in the film industry. Alongside the delegation dedicated to women’s rights, they aim to address the urgent need for improved protection measures and increased accountability in film production.

Moving Forward

With an established actress like Judith Godrèche leading the charge, there is hope that change may be on the horizon for labor rights within the film industry. As more individuals come forward with their stories, it becomes increasingly evident that action must be taken to ensure the safety of children working on film sets.

The Role of the Film Industry

As awareness grows, the film industry itself has a responsibility to develop policies and practices that prioritize child safety. By enacting thorough guidelines and regulations – and implementing the oversight required to enforce them professionally – producers, directors, and others involved in filmmaking can help create environments in which children are protected and cared for appropriately.

In Conclusion: A Time for Action

Judith Godrèche’s call for a parliamentary inquiry into labor rights in the film industry signifies a crucial moment in recognizing the unique risks facing child actors. With increased awareness and support from both children’s rights and women’s rights delegations, there is hope for meaningful change that prioritizes the wellbeing of our youngest performers.


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