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A Monumental Masterpiece in the Making

Esteemed American artist Alison Saar has been commissioned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the City of Paris to design and create the commemorative sculpture that will immortalize the spirit and legacy of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This decision is part of the larger Olympic Art Visions program, connecting Los Angeles, which will host the subsequent Olympic Games, to the iconic City of Light.

Celebrating Olympism, Multiculturalism, and Eco-Responsibility

At the heart of Saar’s undertaking lies her dedication to celebrating the core values of Olympism and showcasing the vibrant multicultural landscape of modern France. Her determination to adopt an eco-responsible approach aligns perfectly with the principles upheld by the Paris 2024 Games organization.

  • Espousing Olympic Values: Saar’s passion for upholding the ideals associated with the international sporting event made her the perfect candidate for this monumental task.
  • Embracing Cultural Diversity: The Los Angeles-based sculptor seeks to pay tribute to the rich tapestry of cultures that make France truly unique through her creative process.
  • Promoting Environmental Sustainability: Recognizing the importance of conserving our planet, Saar’s project embodies a commitment to ecological responsibility by involving local artisans and sourcing sustainable materials.

Involving French Craftsmanship and Suppliers

The IOC’s official press release highlights Alison Saar’s intention to collaborate closely with skilled French artisans throughout the creation of her Olympic sculpture. By engaging local craftsmen and suppliers, Saar aims to not only cut down on transportation costs and carbon emissions, but also to champion French expertise in arts and crafts, which is renowned worldwide. The magnificent completed work will be installed at the historic Hôtel de la Marine, overlooking the picturesque Place de la Concorde where urban park events such as skateboarding and breaking will take place during the Olympics.

A Symbolic Bridge between Paris and Los Angeles

The Alison Saar-commissioned Olympic sculpture serves a dual purpose – as both a lasting monument to remind people of the extraordinary athleticism showcased at the Paris 2024 Games and as a symbolic connection between two of the world’s greatest cities: Paris and Los Angeles. This unique artistic endeavor comes after an impressive career for Alison Saar, including being mentioned alongside prominent personalities like Betye Saar and Kerry James Marshall at MOCA in Los Angeles.

An Invitation to Share the Creative Journey

Fans of the artist and supporters of the Olympic Games can follow Alison Saar’s creative journey by staying updated on social media platforms. Through sharing her progress, Saar hopes to engage people from diverse backgrounds, allowing them to appreciate and celebrate the multicultural richness that defines contemporary France. This groundbreaking collaboration promises to leave a lasting impression on the international stage and bolster the significance of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games as a tribute to sportsmanship, unity, and cultural diversity.

In conclusion, the partnership between American sculptor Alison Saar, the International Olympic Committee, and the City of Paris presents an exciting opportunity to witness the birth of an inspiring Olympic masterpiece. The values of Olympism, respect for cultural diversity, and environmental sustainability lie at the core of this ambitious project. With the unwavering support of French artisans and craftsmen, Saar’s completed work will stand as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games for generations to come.


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