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In a unique portrayal of the ongoing migrant crisis, Julie Navarro’s film A Few Days At Most combines humor with genuine emotion to urge its audiences to view this sensitive issue anew. Premiering in Lille – a city familiar with the challenges posed by migration – the film stars Camille Cottin, Benjamin Biolay, and Amrullah Safi.

A Social Comedy That Revolves Around Personal Commitment

The story follows a journalist, played by Benjamin Biolay, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he decides to shelter an Afghan refugee. Camille Cottin portrays Mathilde, the head of a humanitarian association, who becomes romantically involved with Biolay’s character as they navigate the complexities of their on-field work. As the plot unfolds, we witness their emotional struggles and growing commitment towards helping migrants integrate into society.

  • Humor: The film tackles such a serious subject with a tinge of humor, making it more approachable for audiences.
  • Emotion: The sincere efforts made by the characters to overcome obstacles and support the refugees tug at our heartstrings and inspire empathy.
  • Commitment: Showcasing the relentless work carried out by humanitarian workers, A Few Days At Most emphasizes the need for personal commitment in addressing the migrant crisis.

Realism and Authenticity: Casting an Actual Migrant

To lend authenticity to her film, director Julie Navarro spent a year and a half looking for a real migrant to play the role of Daoud – the Afghan refugee sheltered by Biolay’s character. This exhaustive search led her to a restaurant, where she discovered the perfect candidate in Amrullah Safi.

This casting choice adds credibility to the narrative while ensuring that the experiences and struggles faced by migrants are accurately depicted in Daoud’s character.

Audience Reactions to A Few Days At Most

Viewers who attended the premiere in Lille showed great appreciation for the manner in which the story approached such a significant topic. The unique blend of humor and emotion left a distinct impression on them, and many praised Julie Navarro for addressing this sensitive issue without resorting to manipulation or excessive sentimentality.

Diving Deeper into the Migrant Crisis: Beyond the Film

A Few Days At Most offers just a glimpse into the challenging world of migrant assistance. The film shows how NGOs – like the one headed by Mathilde – play a vital role in integrating refugees into their host communities. However, there is always more work to be done. Here are some ways in which you can contribute:

  • Donate: Financial support enables these organizations to continue providing essential services to migrants.
  • Volunteer: Engage with nonprofits working on the ground to help refugees find safety, housing, and employment opportunities.
  • Educate: Raise awareness about the migrant crisis within your community and encourage others to support related initiatives.

A Glimpse Into Future Releases: Looking Ahead

Fans of Camille Cottin, Benjamin Biolay, and director Julie Navarro, mark your calendars! A Few Days At Most, will grace theaters across France starting April 3rd, 2024. Don’t miss this heartwarming and thought-provoking social comedy.

Get Ready to Laugh, Learn, and Be Inspired

A Few Days At Most is not just a film; it’s a conversation starter. Encouraging its viewers to engage with the pressing issue of migration, this social comedy demonstrates that even the bleakest situations can be approached with humor, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to make a difference.

Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique cinematic experience, one that will leave you laughing, crying, and inspired to stand up for the vulnerable. Catch A Few Days At Most at your nearest theater starting April 3rd, 2024!


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